30 Day Blogging Fast Track - July 2017

30 Day Blogging Fast Track - August 2017

A 30-Day System to launch your money-making strategy, blow up your social media profiles, and drive boatloads of traffic to your blog.

Enrollment open 7/17/17. Class starts August 1st


Take the Inside Track

Have you started a blog and realized there is a little more to it than you thought? Or, have you been blogging for a while, but are just not seeing the type of money that other bloggers are making?

We get it—you want results that make sense, and doable strategies that are founded on true principles. Not a wild goose chase through the internet looking for solutions.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our strategic, in-depth, 30-Day course that will Fast Track you to becoming the successful blogger we know you can be.

Is This Course for Me?

If you are the kind of person who figures that there’s more “nitty-gritty” to running a successful blog than just “pin a lot!” or “get affiliate links!” then you are probably right for this course—and with work, you will see a large ROI (return on investment).

Whether you’ve never blogged a day in your life, or it’s already your favorite hobby, this course is designed to fill in the gaps and answer lingering questions you may have, even after completing other courses.

Let’s Work Together

The nature of successful blogging is strategy and work. That’s why we bloggers are a tough breed: resourceful and dedicated. So, if someone says you can make a whole lot of quick cash with a tiny bit of work and almost zero background knowledge, RUN!

We are here to break the news that yes, making $30,000 a month takes some work. Anyone who tells you otherwise has probably never done it. And for this reason, we have structured our course to be in depth, strategic and closely guided.

Can we be even more honest? Simply signing up for this course will do nothing. But follow it, do the work, and you WILL see results. The secret lies in our structure and substance:

  • This is an In-Depth 30-Day EDUCATION. Not a quick fix or little boost.
  • Daily Lessons and Tasks covering everything from email lists to business licenses
  • 5 Specific money making systems that you can put in place right away on your own blog
  • Videos, discussions, and support
  • Plus, plenty of Bonus Material for “High Achievers” (we see you)

As the course name states, this is a blogging fast track. We lay out the exact steps you need to take to set up (and maintain!) a successful, money-making blog in 30 days.

This course officially starts August 1st. And since we want to make sure it’s a success, we are opening enrollment for one week only.


Why Our Course is So Different

Substance: This is not another list of “tips.” This includes necessary foundational training presented to you in 30 days that show you what's really involved with a successful blog. Keep scrolling down this page to see the curriculum. You'll be blown away...

It’s for Everyone: Whether you’re totally brand-new, or already have an established blog and want to take it to the next level, this course covers it all.

We Tell It Like It Is: Like any successful money-making venture, blogging is a business! It’s exciting, ultimately freeing and can make life pretty darn sweet. But, it takes some time, study and practice—especially at the beginning. There is no magical email list or single “tip” that will launch you into a six-figure career with no effort.

We Are Active Bloggers: Most blogging courses out there are taught by companies or individuals that are not actively blogging. We are actively running our blog Every. Single. Day. We make a substantial income from blogging...not just providing services to bloggers.

We're here to show you it IS possible to make a substantial income with blogging.

In fact, in June of this year (June only,) we made $98,202.78

Not $500. Not $2,000. Not even $10,000.

Nearly $100,000. In one month.

And we’ve been cruising along at that rate for quite some time:

January 2017 Blog Income: $28,346.00

February 2017 Income: $29,220.00

March 2017 Income: $37,809.75

April 2017 Income: $26,938.69

May 2017 Income: $36,010.20

This course contains all the deep and extensive know-how we’ve accumulated over our years of successful blogging. We’ve been where you are, and we understand not only what it takes, but your true potential.

The bottom line? We want to share our success with you. We love blogging, and we absolutely love making a great living doing it! It’s fun, exciting, and our family has never been closer. And that’s what matters most.

Bonus! After you have taken the course, you will be automatically eligible for our affiliate program. You will earn $100 for EVERY sale you refer. Sell just 3 courses and you have made back your initial investment.

It’s All Here

When it comes to successful blogging, there can seem to be a lot of details. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed or lost—but you also really need to know about these details! So, we’ve organized this course in a logical and foundational way to build your knowledge quickly and efficiently—setting you up to make the most money as soon as possible.

This course is doable, is based on our in-depth knowledge, and has the potential to turn you into an unstoppable money-making blogger if you are ready to put in the work.

The amount of information in this course is OVER THE TOP. See for yourself in the curriculum below:

Whew....Did you read through all 30 days of the course? If you did, you'll know that we are not messing around!

Other premium blogger courses have been offered for far more than the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track (can you believe $1000+)

We realize that our material is WAY more valuable than the $299 price we are charging. And, we're OK with that!

We want to help as many bloggers as possible live the lives of their dreams too. The 30 Day Blogging Fast Track course is our way to share what we know so you can duplicate (or hopefully exceed) our success.


But, we're not done yet. We REALLY want to provide incredible value to YOU, so we decided to sweeten the pot with some amazing BONUSES:

  • BONUS #1 - Lifetime access to the new VIP Blogging Fast Track Facebook Group. This is a new group where we will discuss the coursework, answer your questions, network with each other, and support our fellow students. This group is all about making money blogging. Access to this group will be restricted to only those students taking the course.
  • BONUS #2 - Lifetime access to the VIP Blogging Fast Track Sharing Group. This is a fully moderated group that will feature daily sharing threads for comments, Facebook likes/shares/comments, Twitter retweets, and Pinterest repins. It will only be available to those students that have taken our course.
  • BONUS #3 - Immediate Access to Foundational Training – This module preps you for the course, and is a blend of material from our 5-Day Crash Course along with some new content. It’s available immediately after enrolling in the course and will help you get ready to officially start your 30-Day Fast Track on July 1st.
  • BONUS #4 - Archive of the May 10k Traffic Challenge Material all in one place - extensive daily coursework and assignments from the May 10k Traffic Challenge that will be available for reference at any time.
  • BONUS #5 - Automatic registration to the Blogging Fast Track Affiliate Program. We pay you $100 for every sale you refer for future enrollments of the course. (We'll have a new course starting the 1st of every month). All you have to do is refer 3 new students, and you will make back your own registration fee. Only students who enroll in the 30 Day Fast Track course will be allowed to join the affiliate program. We believe strongly that those of you who take the course will be our best affiliates, and we want to reward you accordingly.

The Bonuses alone are worth more than what we are charging for this course.

Your Instructors

Heather & Pete Reese
Heather & Pete Reese

Hi! We're Heather & Pete Reese and we run the successful blog It's A Lovely Life.

We are also founders of the largest new blogger group on Facebook with over 120,000 members!

Heather has been blogging for over 12 years and has grown the site to be one of the top lifestyle and family travel sites.

Pete works on the blog full time managing the business aspects, contract negotiations, and affiliate marketing programs.

We're passionate about showing both new and experienced bloggers how to become successful bloggers themselves.

We also run the popular courses: Blogging Blastoff and Travel Blogging Fast Track which have over 3500 happy students.

Thanks for stopping by and we'd love for you to join us as one of our new students!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course will start on August 1st, 2017. It is designed to be taken 1 day at a time for 30 days. Coursework for that day can then be discussed in the VIP Facebook group where we will answer your questions. You can however take the course at your own pace as well if you do not wish to complete 1 per day.
How long do I have access to the course?
After the class begins, you have unlimited access to this course for 2 years across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. We cannot provide any refunds after 30 days have passed. You just have to demonstrate to us that you made an effort.
Do you make any guarantees for results?
Nope, we do not make any guarantees. We have laid out an enormous amount of information that is very specific to becoming a successful blogger. However, this information means nothing if you don't do the work required to grow a successful blog.
How does the payment plan work?
The payment plan is 3 equal payments of $125. You pay $125 at course sign up billed to your credit card. You will then automatically be charged $125 30 days and 60 days from the date you enrolled in the course. The payment plan will only work with a credit card purchase (not Paypal.)
Where do I access the course?
The course is hosted on a professional platform that we use called Teachable. You will establish a login when you enroll for the 30 Day Blogging Fast Track.
What if I am unable to complete everything this month? My summer is so busy...
That's ok. The coursework, the support, and the Facebook groups will still be there. Take advantage of the introductory pricing before it goes up and you can finish the coursework at your own pace. You will not be able to work ahead, but you can always work through the material at a slower pace.

If you've made it this far, you are serious about your blog.

We urge you to consider these 3 final points:

  • #1 - The launch price of $299 for the August class is far less than other courses that arguably have LESS information.
  • #2 - The information in this course far exceeds the value of most college courses...but for only a fraction of the cost. This is REAL WORLD information taught by REAL WORLD bloggers that will show you exactly what to do in order to become a successful blogger yourself.
  • #3 - Can't afford $299 upfront? That's ok, we have payment plans!!

This launch process is new to us, so there is the possibility that we will have to cut off registrations early if there are too many (we need to make sure we are able to keep up with all the students.)

SIGN UP NOW to reserve your spot and get instant access to the Foundational Training.

It's time to realize YOUR TRUE BLOGGING POTENTIAL and live the lifestyle of YOUR DREAMS!

This course is not open for enrollment.