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You already know you love travel...

Now discover how to make a living from it

What if you could build a travel blog that made hotels pay YOU... for the trips you already wanted to take

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Lake Tahoe, California

Riviera Maya, Mexico

All these trips were fully comped by resorts & hotels

A travel blog that lets you and your family go the places YOU want… on other companies’ dime.

One that lets you travel the way it suits YOUR life… and gives your kids the priceless experience of new ways of living.

And one that lets you supplement (or even replace) your regular income… with cash, comped travel and freebies!

Yes — it’s possible, even if…

  • You don’t have much experience travel blogging (or don’t even have a blog!) and you think nobody would respond to a ‘newbie’

  • Just the thought of ‘pitching’ makes you nervous

  • You don’t have a huge budget — or a lot of time — to do it

Below, I’m going to show you exactly how my husband and I did it… and how you can do it too! :-)

Hi! I’m Heather Delaney Reese, the founder of the popular travel blog It’s A Lovely Life.

Together with my husband Pete, we teach over 50,000+ aspiring bloggers how to build the life of their dreams with a successful, profitable blog.

But — we’re not those “one-hit wonder”, 20-something type of blogging instructors who talk the talk after just a year or two in the biz:

Pete and I are both active travel bloggers who practice what we teach.

After all, I’ve been blogging for a living for over 12 years now…

And since 2014, we’ve made a very comfortable living — just from our travel blogging!

Let me show you what I mean...

Throughout 2017, travel blogging consistently generated us five figures per month.

Our total blog income growth over the past year

And along with our three daughters, we’ve managed to travel 150+ days per year for the last few years.

Well, today — for the first time — I’m going to show you the secrets behind how we actually do it.

And I’m going to get reeeeeally specific, too.

For example, I’ll show you one of our successful pitch emails that landed us comped travel (yes, a screenshot of the email is a bit further down this very page!)…

I’ll let you in on the secret of how we use coverage packages to get more invitations (with a specific example)...

And also in this article, I’ll share some of the little “ins and outs” of travel blogging that I wish I’d known when I started out.

Everything you’re about to learn is hard-earned knowledge from our full “travel blogging system” we’ve spent years putting together — the very system we use to make our own blog so profitable, and travel so much!

In fact, when you know the secrets in this system, you can use it to ‘turn the dial’… and scale up to as much comped travel and income as you want.

That’s what we’ve done, after all! In the last couple of years, we’ve traveled to Hawaii 3 times:


Cancun (twice):

And a bunch of other destinations — Florida (a 19-day trip!), Dude Ranch in Arizona, Wisconsin Dells, Colorado Springs, Park City Utah, South Dakota, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Aruba, Austin, A European River Cruise, and all over California (our home state)!

Since 2015, we’ve made it a rule to travel for 150+ days every year… and we plan to keep doing it this year, and for the foreseeable future.

And by the way, here’s something else you probably didn’t notice from those pictures:

We didn’t pay for a single hotel room on ANY of those trips!

Each one of those trips was fully comped!

Just take a second to imagine walking into a gorgeous, clean VIP suite … with a glorious view of the water, beds covered in gorgeous soft linen, and the warm breeze coming through the window … and knowing you didn’t have to pay a cent!!!

Not bad, am I right? (Below, I’ll show you how you can achieve this for YOUR trips, even if you don’t even have a blog yet.)

But wait — I haven’t told you the best part yet.

Because the whole time we were traveling, we weren’t just getting our expenses paid back to us…

All the while we were doing this, our blog was actually MAKING us a healthy, full-time income!

Remember what I said before: month after month, our travel blogging activities were paying us a steady (and growing) income stream...

And all this was happening whether we were traveling or not!

Now to be fair, we made other kinds of income too (and below I’ll tell you more about how you can add them to your blog). BUT you could take it all away, and our travel blogging alone would be more than enough to sustain our exciting lifestyle.

So I think it’s fair to say that travel blogging promises a wonderful, exciting lifestyle — if you know how to do it properly.

But you’re probably looking at all this and thinking, “wow, that must be nice Heather… but I don’t have what you have! I don’t have thousands of readers a month, and nobody wants to listen to my pitches — I don’t have anything to offer them anyway!”

Hey, I hear you! I remember what it was like to start out.

But don’t lose hope. I have good news for you: everything I just showed you, you can learn how to do too.

Trust me — I’ve taught thousands of people how to set up their own money-making blogs...

And I truly believe there’s nothing that Pete and I have done that YOU can’t do also… as long as you follow a step-by-step “travel blogging system” like the one I’m going to show you today.

But before I do, there’s one very important thing I want you to keep in mind:

Building A Travel Blog That Pays You To Travel Is Simple… But It’s Not Easy

Let us be the first people to tell you this — travel blogging is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme!

Yes, you CAN start getting comped travel almost right away (we’ll show you how).

And yes, you CAN start creating great content without spending a cent on more travel (we can show you how to do that too).

But we won’t lie: to succeed, it takes a lot of persistence!

So many bloggers online love to tell you that it’s “easy” to start your own successful travel blog. But they’re confusing easy with simple.

Because, sure — I guess in theory, starting a travel blog that pays you to travel is very simple.

Here, it’s so simple that I could tell you how you do it off the top of my head:

Heather & Pete’s ‘Simple’ Roadmap To Setting Up Your Own Profitable Travel Blog:

  1. Set up a blog
  2. Find a place you want to go
  3. Send a great pitch that lands you a comped trip
  4. Take the trip (the right way)
  5. Create high-quality, professional content about your trip
  6. Leverage your content to earn enough to make it all profitable
  7. Rinse and repeat

That’s it in a nutshell, I guess.

But… could you use that list to go out and start landing paid travel next week?

Of course not! It’s way too generic!

What should you say in your pitch? How do you do a trip the ‘right way’? How do you create content if you’ve never done that before? And so on. This outline doesn’t tell you any of that.

Unfortunately that’s where most bloggers (and sadly, their courses) leave you… with a fluffy outline, and wishy-washy advice (like “use hashtags!”).

That’s why I said “simple” and “easy” are not the same thing. Because even with a simple plan like this, there’s many parts about travel blogging that are quite hard.

And you have to be so careful — because if you let them, they can derail your travel blogging dream before it even starts!

So let me ask you…

What’s Stopping YOU From Living The Travel Blogger Life?

From my 12 years’ experience as a travel blogger — and having taught hundreds of bloggers myself — I am VERY familiar with the things that can get in your way from building the life of your dreams with a travel blog.

Here, take a look at this list. Which of these can YOU resonate with?

When you’re starting out…

  • “Getting paid to travel would be a dream for me, but I just have no idea how to even start.”
  • I’m an introvert, and I’m very shy, so I get nervous even at the thought of pitching to get free travel. And even if I worked up the courage to pitch, I don’t know how, or who I should pitch to.”
  • “My husband and I both love travel, but the corporate grind makes it hard for us to have the freedom we want!”
  • “I feel like it’s impossible for a newbie like me to break into the field.”
  • I'm still nervous about how much money I'll have to invest along the way to set up a really nice blog with good graphics, streamlined/convenient maintenance, etc.”
  • “How am I supposed to start when I don’t even have any trips I’ve taken?
  • “I do have a blog already, and I love travel, but I don’t know how to pivot it to a travel blog.”
  • “How do I make posts that people actually want to read? I’m not even a good writer!
  • I feel overwhelmed with how long it takes to create just one post with quality photos, video, SEO and pins."
  • “It just feels like travel blogging is saturated already.
  • “I’d love to travel for a living, but I need it to be profitable before I commit to it.

Then when you’re a little more advanced, it becomes...

  • “How am I supposed to get more followers?
  • “Some of the other groups I'm a part of have bloggers who are getting hundreds of thousands of views, and I'm just not on that level — so I feel intimidated and like I have no chance at ever getting to that same spot.”
  • “I already have trips planned, and I really feel like I need to learn how to get at least a little something comped... ugh, travel is so expensive!
  • “I'm doubtful that anyone will respond to any outreach work I do, as my blog is still so small and I don't have a large following.

Wow! Do I ever remember struggling with all that stuff.

I know that sometimes it feels like succeeding with travel blogging is impossible.

After all, when Pete and I first shifted to travel blogging a few years back, it was MUCH harder than it is today. (For example, people were far less willing to listen to your pitches for comped travel — they’d often ignore you, and you could tell they were thinking “who does she think she is?”)

And yet, there weren’t any resources I could turn to to answer all these questions for myself. So I had to figure them all out myself — the hard way!

And that’s how I’ve learned the answer to almost every single one of them:

You Need A System To Follow!

To succeed at travel blogging, I discovered you need to have a proven, step-by-step system you follow — that you can count on every time.

(Because remember, travel blogging is simple. There’s not actually that many things you need to do… you just need to know how to do them, and when!)

Having a proven system takes care of all these problems — because you know you have something that’s worked time and time again in the past. You just follow the system, and you’ll get the result you want.

That’s why, every time Pete and I have learned something over the years, we’ve written it down and filed it away in our own “travel blogging system”, ready for us to refer to in the future.

Here are just a few examples...

  • We want to know the contact person for a certain visitors’ bureau? Hey look, we have that written down in a list!
  • When we’re booking a new trip, how do we remember what order we’re meant to arrange accommodation, activities, and all those things? Easy — we just refer to our “cheat sheet” on how we normally do it!
  • It’s been a while since we negotiated a contract for a sponsored trip, and we need to brush up before we sign a new one? Oh yep — we’ve got our notes on what was important to watch out for.
  • We’d like to take a trip to a certain resort in Florida next month? No problem — we can dig into our archives for a proven “pitch script” that’s got the best chances of scoring us an all-expenses-paid trip.

Every successful travel blogger I know has built their own “system” like this — a repository of their own tips, techniques, hacks, strategies, scripts, pitch emails, and the various “ins and outs” they’ve learned over the years.

(Although, most bloggers are very protective of them, and for good reason — it’s their “keys” to the travel blogging kingdom!)

But rather than just sit here telling you about these, I want to show you some real examples of what I mean.

So right now, I’m going to share with you three small but juicy excerpts right out of the exact system we use to run our travel blog…

Three Hard-Won Secrets of a Successful Travel Blogger

Some of these insights have taken Pete and I years to perfect… but they have saved (or earned) us thousands of dollars!

Heather & Pete’s Travel Blogging Secret #1:
There’s A Right Way To Pitch

Pitching is one of the fundamental pillars of ANY travel blogging system — because you NEED to do it to get the trips you’re after!

That’s why, as part of our own full “travel blogging system”, we have a little “pitching system” we use to help us land the trips we want.

Now I promised I’d show you one of the exact emails we’ve used to land comped travel.

Well, here’s one we used back in 2016.

We were going on a 19-day tour of Florida, and we wanted to line up comped accommodations for the whole trip.

There was a certain resort we really wanted to stay at along the way. So we pulled out our pitch template email, customized it a little, and sent off this email.

See if you can spot some of the techniques we used to maximize our chances of winning the pitch...

So, off went that email.

And guess what? Later that same day, this was the reply we received:


And that meant that, all thanks to that one pitch email, we ended up going on an amazing trip!

As you can see, we had a blast!

Imagine that! Sending one email... and within hours, receiving a VIP invitation to a fully-comped trip like this one!!!

Now yes, you may not have the figures or stats we used in our pitch. That’s OK — you don’t need them!

The beauty of our pitching system is how flexible it is. We’ve taught it to others… and we’ve seen it work for all kinds of bloggers of different sizes, from big (like us) to tiny (no previous trips)!

Over hundreds of trips, we’ve learned strategies for adjusting your pitch… how to title your email… and even a “perfect pitch” template we use (we’ve been refining this for YEARS and we think it’s as close to perfect as you can get!).

Just a little further down this page I’ll show you where you can find those things.

But you may be surprised to know… that even a great pitch sometimes isn’t enough to land you comped travel!

To learn about the next missing piece, read on…

Heather & Pete’s Travel Blogging Secret #2:
Building An Irresistible Coverage Package

Most travel bloggers think that the pitch email is everything. And yes, it’s hugely important — but there’s so much more to it!

One of the big things you’ll always be offering as a travel blogger is your coverage package — that is, what content you are going to create for the travel partner, in return for them compensating your visit.

Like most travel bloggers, we used to be kind of laid-back about this — when we traveled, we’d just document whatever we noticed, and use that in our coverage.

Then one day, we made a small tweak which massively increased our value to our travel partners:

Before we even start working with a new travel partner, we now do our homework on what is important to THEM from our coverage.

And then… we will make sure our coverage package features those things heavily!

That sounds simple… but it’s really what sets us apart from other bloggers.

For example, we will read our travel partner's press releases to see what is new and what they are most excited to share with potential visitors.

Then we plan ahead of time exactly what pictures/videos we will need, and we make a plan to get them on our trip!

Here’s a real example:

Let's say we were told that a resort we are covering just had a complete remodel.

Well, most bloggers would skip over this. But we would ask for specifics, so we can share with our readers what changes were made so we can share that in our coverage.

We always make a point of asking our travel partner contact what is important for us to cover — and we pay special attention to that for our content.

That way, when we share the content, the travel partner is delighted, because they got exactly what they wanted!

(Compare that to a blogger who didn’t prepare, and maybe focused on the meals, when the resort wanted to show off its new fancy rooms. When the travel partner reads their coverage, do you think they’re going to be excited about offering them any more comped trips in future?)

Now, given that resort owners will often own more than one destination… that instantly opens doors for us at their other locations around the country (or the world)!

This one tiny tweak has been responsible for thousands of dollars in free lodgings, food, and entertainment — so keep it in mind on your next trip!

Of course, our full travel blogging system includes way more material on defining coverage packages. (We’ve even got template coverage packages we refer back to, along with guides for what kind of comped travel/activities we can usually score for different packages.)

Again, there’s more information on where you can find that shortly.

But before that, there’s one last HUGE tip I want to give you…

Heather & Pete’s Travel Blogging Secret #3:
Start Building An Email List NOW!

Making a living from travel blogging isn’t just about the travel — you need to make money too!

And I’m going to reveal the #1 biggest secret I wish I had known when I was starting out:

Focus on building your email list TODAY.

This is honestly the thing I regret most for not doing from the very start!

You’re probably thinking, “but why would I need to do that when I have social media?”

Sure — social media is where your readers are, and where you’ll find new readers.

However, there's also a potentially huge problem with all these social networks that doesn't get discussed as much as it should:

You don't own the platform!

In fact, you could be shut down at any point, on any of these networks, if the social network chooses to do so (or if jealous competitors report you as spam!).

What’s more, on most social media networks, only a very small percentage of your followers will ever see your posts — unless you are willing to pay money to boost or promote them.

The solution to this is to build an email list which YOU own.

Trust us: This is absolutely critical for long-term success as a blogger.

With one email you can reach every single one of your subscribers with your message. You can choose to drive traffic to your website, or even send them directly to an affiliate link (which makes you profit).

Unlike social media, YOU control your message and YOU control your subscriber list.

If you have a blog, this is something you should start focusing on from TODAY. And if you haven’t started a blog yet, you have an even bigger opportunity — to get it right from the start!

Now this is just scraping the surface: these are just three of the hundreds of things Pete and I have been building into our travel blogging system over the years.

But I hope you can see how having a collection of valuable insights like this can be SUPER valuable to your blogging business.

Yet years ago, when we didn’t know all these things, travel blogging was a grind.

We didn’t KNOW how to do a good pitch email.

We didn’t KNOW how to tailor our coverage to land more trips.

We didn’t KNOW the hidden pitfalls that can happen when you’re on a comped trip… how to find the right person to pitch to… how to grow and use an email list to generate passive income… how to produce good photos and videos… or 1,001 other things that trip most travel bloggers up.

But over the years, we learned — and kept adding new secrets, new contacts, and new notes to our system.

And with every new refinement we made, everything about travel blogging — pitching, traveling, writing, landing comped trips — got easier and more profitable for us.

That’s why I’m convinced ...

Building A Profitable Travel Blog Is SO Much Easier When You Have A System To Follow!

Now that Pete and I have a system to turn to for almost everything we do, travel blogging has never been easier.

If we want to take a vacation next month, it’s easy — we just reach into our vault and dust off our pitch template email, and send it to a handful of contacts (whose details we’ve got filed away in a list carefully compiled over the years).

If we need a little income boost, we know how to organise an affiliate link with a travel partner… and include it in some content we send out to our list.

When we need to write content for a trip, we have a fully-stocked library of templates and guides to save us time.

And so on! Our system saves us time and effort, letting us spend more time doing the things we love.

Things like spending time together as a family:

Traveling to places we’ve always wanted to see

Giving our kids life-changing experiences they could never have otherwise:

And so much more — making new friendships, seeing the world, working free from a desk, not worrying about our income, and more. All thanks to having built up our system.

That’s why I WISH I could have had access to what I know now when I started — because it would have made things SO much easier.

And yet, the things we’ve learned aren’t rocket science. They’re actually quite simple. And anyone can do them.

So lately I have been wondering…

“Why Doesn’t Anyone Else Talk About This Stuff?”

And to be honest? I think the reason is simply… most people don’t know what we do!

A lot of our “secrets” have been hard-earned over many years. So, there aren’t many travel bloggers who even know what we know in the first place.

But even the ones who do… aren’t really keen to share it.

Why? They think that the less you know, the more successful they’ll be.

But you know what? I totally disagree!

In fact, I believe that we’re on the verge of the golden age of travel blogging.

Just five years ago, the travel blogging world was MUCH tougher.

Back then there were very limited opportunities for bloggers to make money, unless you had an enormous following.

Yet things in 2018 are completely different.

Brands are more excited than ever to work with new bloggers to feature their products and services in the form of sponsored posts. There’s never been a better time to get started.

And I think that the more travel bloggers there are, bringing business to travel partners… the more opportunities there’ll be for ALL travel bloggers in future!

(Think about it — if, say, a blog post from travel bloggers (like us) brings a ton of business to a resort… won’t they be MORE receptive to further pitches from travel bloggers in future?)

So rather than the market getting more crowded… I think, with every new successful travel blogger, new doors open for EVERYONE.

And that’s why WE want to share our secrets... with you.

So just imagine…

Instead of just wistfully scrolling through your favorite bloggers’ Insta feeds...

Instead of being too nervous to pitch, or sending off an ineffective email that gets you back ‘crickets’…

Instead of having to take time AWAY from a “real” job — and save up enough money — to go the places you want…

WHAT IF… the travel itself WAS your “job”?

WHAT IF… you knew exactly what to do (and say) to organize a vacation at short notice with a few re-written emails?

WHAT IF… you could wake up to an inbox flooded with comped travel offers, promising paid accommodation in luxury suites in the destinations of your dreams?

WHAT IF YOU could be kicking back in the sun in Hawaii or Mexico, sipping a piña colada as you type away on your laptop and your kids splash in the pool, smiling at the fact that yes, this is your life?

And WHAT IF… this wasn’t all just a “pipe dream”?

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Because for the first time, Pete and I are unveiling our very own travel blogging system — the most comprehensive system of its kind anywhere.

We’ve packed our entire collection of travel blogging secrets — absolutely everything we’ve learned — into a 21-day crash course.

No fluff. No wishy-washy “tactics”. Just the proven, time-tested strategies that WORK, in bite-sized chunks.

It’s the very “dream course” I WISH I could have had ten years ago — because it would have drastically shortcut my way to living the life of my dreams.

And today, for the first time, we want to share that course with you.


The 21-Day

Travel Blogging Fast Track

The exact system we use to travel the world the way we want, get paid six figures to write about what we love, and wake up every day excited for what comes next — finally revealed step-by-step so you can break free from the 9-5, build a wildly successful travel blog, and get paid to live on vacation

The Travel Blogging Fast Track is the most comprehensive travel blogging course available anywhere.

In just three weeks — with a time investment of as little as half an hour a day — you’ll go from ZERO knowledge or experience… to a confident travel blogger who knows ALL the secrets of building the blog (and lifestyle) of your dreams.

You’ll master pitching to sponsors... creating top-notch blog content... growing your audience... and dozens more secrets to building a steady stream of comped travel and VIP perks!

Best of all, everything in this course is TIME-TESTED and PROVEN to work — based on years of experience and hundreds of successful, fully-comped trips from two veteran travel bloggers.

We’re Finally Revealing Every Secret We Know About Travel Blogging

Honestly, the amount of information we’re unveiling in this course is insane — it’s honestly more industry specific information than most college degrees will teach you!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover when you take the course:

Getting your start in the world of travel blogging — even if you’re brand new and don’t have a blog

  • The one thing we did — with ZERO travel blogging experience — that ended up being worth millions of dollars for us (Day 1)
  • 3 fundamental “pillars” of working with a resort that hasn’t worked with travel bloggers before (master these, and there are THOUSANDS of brand new resorts just waiting to have you!) (Day 1)
  • Break free from the ties of your normal life — learn the system we use to travel 150+ days a year with a family of five (Day 1)
  • “How much can I make with a travel blog?” Learn the real truth… (Day 3)
  • Why being yourself is what attracts an adoring audience, and how to build an irresistible brand based on your unique personality and style (Day 12)
  • Don’t have a website yet? No problem — we’ll show you everything you need to know to get it up and running (Bonus Material — see below…)

Creating world class blog content from day 1 — even if you think you have nothing good to write about

  • 5 “zero-cash-needed” content ideas that any travel blogging newbie can create within hours of getting a blog up — without having to leave the house (Day 5)
  • Never run out of ideas — discover the 7 most visited types of blog posts and the “no-brainer” way to gather incredible content for each of them (Day 6)
  • The most important element you should include in every photo you take — and why it can set you apart from everybody else (Day 16)
  • 12 irresistible travel blogging niche ideas to help kick-start your creativity and discover your favorite types of travel (Day 2)
  • The “instant pro” 3-piece combination for stunning photographs — even if you’ve only got a smartphone and you barely know how to use it (Day 16)
  • The difference between your short bio, long bio, and social media bios — and how to write each one to win followers in seconds (Day 12)
  • 3 beginner-friendly, piece-of-cake video recording techniques that will give your vlogs that extra professional polish (Day 17)
  • Cracking the code on the concept of your “niche” — and the biggest mistake to avoid when you pick one (Day 8)
  • How to find ideas for your first blog posts by exploiting the “content goldmine” you’re already sitting on top of (Day 5)
  • How to use our “easy 11” checklist to make sure your blog posts will bring in tons of traffic — before you even post them (Day 8)
  • Write your blogs with confidence — discover which 3 questions you need to ask before posting any new blog content to practically guarantee your readers will love every word (Day 8)
  • Why you don’t need to visit a destination to create incredible content about it — and what you DO need to do instead (Day 5)

Sending the perfect email pitch — how to get a “Yes!” even when you’re terrified to ask

  • Who to contact at the hotels, resorts, and destinations to get comped or paid trips — and who’s just going to give you the “runaround” (Day 7)
  • How to write the perfect email title for your pitches (Day 10)
  • Learn the unspoken “insiders-only” rules to play by when pitching hotels and resorts for deals, comps, and paid trips (#1 is the complete opposite of what you’d do in any other pitch!) (Day 19)
  • 5 things you MUST include in every email pitch if you want it to succeed (Day 10)
  • Uncover our carefully guarded “copy-and-paste” formula that practically forces travel partners to give us comped trips — and how you can easily adapt it to get your own comped or paid trips (Day 10)
  • Our “sealed notebook” of the hard-earned secrets that have landed us hundreds of accepted pitches (Day 10)
  • Why you shouldn’t give up when a sponsor replies to your pitch with a “no” — the word-for-word responses we use to turn uninterested sponsors into eager travel partners (Day 10)

Calling the shots and getting what you ask for — even if you’re a shy introvert

  • The “ins and outs” of what types of content most places are dying for you to give them — and what you can confidently demand in return (Day 10)
  • A “behind the scenes” look into every type of content we offer travel partners — and why we almost feel guilty for how much it it gets us (Day 14)
  • How to stay unfazed: exactly what to do when you get asked for your ‘media kit’ (Day 14)
  • Which benefits you can insist on getting from hotels, resorts, and activities — based on how established your travel blog is (beginners will love this breakdown!) (Day 4)
  • The five “unwritten rules” of travel blogging (break the second, and you can kiss your chances of comped travel goodbye!) (Day 19)

Mastering social media to attract a hungry audience — even if you barely have any friends on Facebook

  • How to instantly stand out from other travel blogs by avoiding the mistakes nearly everybody else makes in their social media posts (Day 8)
  • Quickly build a loyal following who adores you by using these simple “pro blogger” methods on Instagram (Day 15)
  • Discover the unique “hacks” you need to be using to supersize your audience (includes SPECIFIC advice for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and more) (Day 15)
  • The biggest danger you face on social media platforms (and how to avoid it completely) (Day 13)
  • Find out how to use your blog and social media accounts to help grow each other — and why it’s vital to keep them separate from each another (Day 8)

Earning a living from your vacations — no matter where in the world you are

  • Generate passive income and grow your audience while you sleep by using the most misunderstood and underrated tool at your disposal — an email list (Day 13)
  • How to use an “after-trip wrap up” email to book your NEXT trip when you’ve barely finished your first! (Day 18)
  • Never feel like you’re asking for too much — learn the actual dollar and percentage figures you should expect to gain from affiliate commissions, comped-trips, and paid vacations (Day 9 & others)
  • How to make money on a trip even if they don’t pay you, and you pay for it yourself (Day 11)
  • Kick back and let travel opportunities come knocking at your door — how to say “thank you” to your trip sponsors to make them love you even more (Day 18)
  • 5 ways to direct more traffic to your affiliate links and boost sales (Day 11)
  • Our full list of 46+ affiliate networks you can join to add extra revenue streams to your blogging business (Day 11)
  • The “do’s and don’ts” of being a travel blogger that can mean the difference between leaving sponsors delighted or disenchanted (Day 19)
  • The secret to snagging additional blog visitors by writing “real life” hotel and room tour reviews (Day 6)
  • Keep the cash coming in with 8 different ways to get paid or get free accommodations, food, and experiences (Day 3)
  • The 3 rules you need to know in order to make your affiliate sales profitable and keep the money coming in automatically (Day 11)

Keeping travels fun, stress-free, and memorable — so you never risk burning out

  • How to make sure your trips are smooth and stress free — the 6 things we never leave home without doing first (Day 20)
  • Should you tip on a comped trip? (Day 19)
  • 5 expert hacks for getting around on your vacation without a rental car (Day 20)
  • How to handle “curve balls” like delayed flights and missing tickets (Day 21)
  • Never worry about where your next paycheck comes from — how we keep our schedule full of comped or paid trips to our dream destinations (Day 21)
  • One simple trick for making sure you ALWAYS have your choice of travel partners on a trip (Day 21)
  • The 7 “golden rules” of etiquette on your trips which make travel a breeze (Day 19)
  • Cutting down the expense that can add up quickly — how to keep dining and food costs low or free (Day 20)
  • The never ending vacation — how to have a blast even when you’re working to create killer content (Day 6)

PLUS: Three super-detailed “copy-and-paste” templates so you always know what to say

  • Our “Perfect Pitch” Pitch Email Template — see the EXACT wording we’ve used to land dozens of fully-comped trips since 2015!
  • Our full coverage package for a 3-day stay at a resort in Mexico — discover what you REALLY need to provide in exchange for a comped stay
  • Our “After-Trip Wrap Up” Email Template — see a real example of what we do to thank our travel partner professionally… and leave the door open for future trips

And many, many more juicy secrets we’ve learned from a highly lucrative travel blogging career!

Here’s How The Course Works...

The Travel Blogging Fast Track is a 21-day program designed to get you results FAST.

Each day you’ll get a new module “unlocked” to focus on, broken into several bite-size chunks that take you only a couple of minutes each to go through. (We do it this way so you don’t get overwhelmed by the massive amount of information you’ll be learning!)

But it’s not just “information” that you’ll skim and forget.

At the end of each day, you get a mini-assignment — so you know exactly what you need to do to put the material into practice, and start building a truly profitable travel blog!

You can expect to spend less than half an hour a day on the course… yet if you do the work, you’ll start seeing some amazing results.

So… that all sounds preeeeetty good, right? :-)

Well we’re not done yet! We want to deliver AMAZING value for you… so we’ve packed in some sweet bonuses!

You’ll also get immediate access to all of these bonuses the second you enroll:

Bonus #1:
The 5-Day “Start Your Blog” Crash Course

Don’t have a blog yet? No problem! In this crash course, Pete and I walk you through picking a niche… naming your blog… finding a domain name… setting up your website… and writing your first posts. This course takes you from “beginner” to “blogger” in no time — and it’s included, free, when you join the Travel Blogging Fast Track.

Bonus #2:

VIP Membership In Our Travel Blogging Fast Track Facebook Group

Ever been part of a community of bloggers that just wasn’t at your level — and you felt totally out of place? Yeah, well — that’s not this group! Here, you’ll get access to a supportive community of travel bloggers ranging from total newbies to experts — to offer you help, encouragement and support. And best of all? Pete and I will be there too!

Bonus #3:

VIP Membership In The Travel Blogging Fast Track Sharing Facebook Group

In this exclusive group, we all use our collective numbers to support one another! You can share content, direct more traffic to your blog, and establish a strong social media presence — and we’ll bring the whole strength of our community that can share, pin or like YOUR content!

Bonus #4:

Exclusive Access To Our Hard-Earned List Of 450+ US-Based Visitors Bureau Contacts

This bonus alone could be worth the cost of this course. We’ve spent YEARS collating our ‘Rolodex’ of industry contacts across the nation, into our own private list. But when you join the Travel Blogging Fast Track, we’ll share it with you! Take your pick … and start pitching without having to spend hours searching for the right person to contact! (Note: this is HIGHLY confidential material, and you will NOT find it anywhere else!)

Bonus #5:

How We Run A Comped Vacation: An Exclusive 19-Minute “Behind-The-Scenes” Vlog

Ever wondered what you actually do on a comped trip? You’ll love this insiders-only overview vlog on how we created every piece of content for our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Watch two REAL professional bloggers work with a large resort chain, film room/resort tours, meet with management, and create blog content — this is can’t-miss viewing for anyone who’s serious about growing their blog!

Bonus #6:

Bonus Income Stream: Access To Our Members-Only Affiliate Program

Many of the people who join this course end up telling their friends… and we want to reward you for that. For each friend you refer who joins any of our courses, you’ll earn 33% of the sale price! (Value tip: referring just 3 friends will cover YOUR whole purchase price!)

“Is This Course Right For Me?”

We designed the 21-Day Travel Blogging Fast Track with three specific types of people in mind:

  • You’re an established travel blogger who isn’t making as much — or traveling as much — as you want.
    This course will reveal all the secrets of two highly profitable, well-traveled travel bloggers… and there’s plenty of more advanced material to take even the most unprofitable travel blog and start getting comped trips and nice profits.
  • You have a blog already, and you want to transition it into travel blogging.
    If you have a blog that’s not about travel, this course will show you how to turn it into a travel blog — and you’ll have an advantage for already having started.
  • You want to start a travel blog, but don’t have a blog at all.
    If you don’t have a blog yet, but you know you want to do travel blogging, this is the perfect course for you! Remember, we’ve also included our “5-Day Start Your Blog Crash Course”, which will help you get up and running if you don’t have a site yet.

If you fall into one of the three groups above, we believe this course can help you!

But if you’re still not sure about it, we have one more proposition for you which should seal the deal…

Our Zero-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee:

In 30 Days, You’ll Be A More Confident, Savvier Travel Blogger With A Plan — Or Your Money Back

We know it can be a tough decision to invest in yourself sometimes. That’s why we want to give you the chance to try the ENTIRE course — at our risk!

We’re offering a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee on the course. But the Travel Blogging Fast Track only has 21 days of coursework. That means you can take the WHOLE course before deciding whether you like it or not.

So if you can’t decide now… you don’t have to! Try the course, and THEN decide at the end of it.

And if, after taking the course, you aren’t COMPLETELY confident that it was worth every cent… and you don’t feel TWICE as confident that you know how to pitch strongly, land comped travel, and create amazing content… just email one of us, show us you made an effort at following the course, and we’ll give you all your money back ASAP.

(But to be honest… I think you’ll be so delighted with what you’ve learned, you’ll be emailing us to THANK us for putting so much awesome stuff in the course!)

Ready to start getting paid to travel the world?

Claim the keys to the travel blogging kingdom — for the price of just 1-2 nights at a fancy hotel.

Join the Travel Blogging Fast Track now for 3 monthly payments of just $397

(Or pay upfront and save $194!)

Frequently Asked Questions

“How is this course different from your 30-Day Blogging Fast Track?”

The 30-Day Blogging Fast Track and the 21-Day Travel Blogging Fast Track overlap a tiny bit... but for the most part, they’re entirely different, and the two go hand-in-hand.

The 30-Day Blogging Fast Track (our other course) focuses on blogging in general, and how to build a profitable blog from the ground up — no matter what industry you’re in.

On the other hand, the 21-Day Travel Blogging Fast Track (this course) is entirely specific to travel blogging — pitching, taking trips, producing content, and more. A lot of this info will only be useful to travel bloggers.

If you’re not interested in travel blogging as a niche, you’ll do fine with just the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track. However, if you’re interested in travel blogging, we do recommend joining the 21-Day Travel Blogging Fast Track, as it teaches travel blogging specific secrets you won’t find in the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track.

Even if you’re still going through the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track, if you’re interested in the 21-Day Travel Blogging Fast Track, it’s a good idea to join now to lock in the current price (we’re planning to raise it). You can start on it after you finish the first one, or you can do them in tandem.

And remember: just one comped trip could more than pay for the cost of the course!

“Aren’t there already too many travel bloggers out there?”

Absolutely not!

Yes, there are a lot of other bloggers, and the number seems to be growing every day. But there’s three reasons you shouldn’t worry about that at all:

FIrstly, more bloggers is a GOOD thing! Remember, the more bloggers can do a good job of promoting travel partners and bringing them business, the more likely those partners are to work with travel bloggers in the future!

Think about it: for most travel partners, being featured on a blog like yours in exchange for a comped stay or experience is the cheapest advertising they’ll ever get. They WANT more bloggers!

Secondly… despite this, you’d be shocked to hear how many hotels, resorts, and other sponsors have never even gotten an email from someone asking for a paid-for trip in return for coverage on their blog.

(In fact, a lot of the sponsors we’ve contacted didn’t know that was a “thing”! But they sure loved the idea once we explained it to them...)

And finally, those bloggers who are sending pitches? Well, you might be surprised at how many of them actually don’t actually know exactly how to consistently get comped or paid trips from sponsors.

The truth is...

Most “pro” bloggers don’t have a clue about the mistakes they’re making… sending pitch after pitch, wondering why they never get a reply.

So the Travel Blogging Fast Track is designed to give you an ‘unfair advantage’ — even against people who have been blogging longer than you.

“Can’t I just do my own research online and find the same information for free?”

Maybe. But let me ask you this:

How will you know if the information you find is useful… or if it’ll just waste your time?

Remember what I told you before: most travel bloggers don’t want to share the contents of their own system, because they’re scared it will mean more competition for them.

That means that most of what you’ll find online for free… isn’t actually written by people who know what they’re doing.

On the other hand, we’re offering to share our PROVEN system with you… one that’s enabled us to travel for 150+ days per year while making 5+ figures per month. Sure it costs more than free information… but it definitely pays more, too!

Still Have Questions? That’s OK, We Have Answers!

What if I don’t have the money to take trips for content for my blog?

Good news: you don’t need to take any trips to start a successful blog. Have you taken any trips in the past? Do you have a local’s familiarity with the city you live in? The course covers how you can use these things to start creating top quality blog content right now without spending a single cent on travel.

How much time is this going to take? I’m too busy right now!

Each day of the Travel Blogging Fast Track is divided into tiny, bite-sized modules that each take you no more than a few minutes each to do — meaning you can squeeze them in easily through your day! Including the coursework, you wouldn’t go over half an hour a day. Compared to a college degree, where you’re studying for several hours per day for years, it’s not a bad time investment for the chance to travel the world while someone else pays you!

Where do I access the course?

All of the course content is hosted on the Teachable online course platform, and you’ll be able to access it on any device. As soon as you enroll you’ll be able to create a username and set a password and login. You’ll also get VIP access to our Facebook group.

What if I fall behind? Can I take the course at my own pace?

No problem at all! You’ll get at least 2 years from the day you enroll to complete the 21-day course. That means you’ll have plenty of time to come back and reference specific sections of the course any time you need, even if you fall a little bit behind.

Does the course start immediately after I enroll?

Yes! As soon as you enroll in the course you’ll have immediate access to the content from Day 1, as well as all of the bonus content.

Can I share my login information with my spouse?

Sure. When you purchase the course you’ll be able to create login information for one person. You’ll need to contact us (and pay an extra fee) if you want another login and separate access to the groups, but your spouse is welcome to use your login info.

The Biggest Mistake You Could Make As An Aspiring Travel Blogger

Before you make up your mind today, I want to close with one final thought.

Maybe you really like the sound of traveling the world while other people pay you to blog about it… but you’re not convinced this course is worth it for you.

Maybe you even think it’s too expensive.

But personally, I think it’s not… if you view it for what it is: an investment.

An investment in yourself, and in your future.

Because what’s really expensive… is having to pay full rate for travel for the rest of your life, instead of getting it discounted, or free.

What’s really expensive… is working in a 9-5 that drains you, for 10, 20, 30 years, instead of backing yourself to have a shot at a new future.

And what’s really expensive… are the thousands of dollars’ worth of mistakes, and months of your time, you could save yourself if you’d let us help you.

(Honestly? If you’d offered me the information in this course several years ago… I would have snapped it up in a HEARTBEAT, because I know how valuable this stuff is!)

Besides, when you line this course up against other travel blogging courses that cost $1,000 (or MORE)... this is an absolute STEAL at less than half the price. (And we give you MORE content!!!)

But on top of all that, I’ve shown you how you can easily make back the cost of this course: refer three friends, and your course is paid for via our affiliate program!

So for most people, I don’t think it’s really the cost that’s the problem…

The real problem is fear.

You’re afraid that it might not work out.

You’re afraid that you might spend the money on this course… and end up a few months later in the same place, like what you might have done with other courses you’ve bought.

Basically, you’re afraid that joining this course will be a big mistake.

Yet to me, if you KNOW that travel blogging is the dream you want to pursue…

If that’s true, then letting this fear stop you from taking the plunge is the REAL mistake.

So let me tell you three final things to put your mind at rest:

Firstly, remember that this course is EVERYTHING we’ve learned from taking over 63 fully-comped trips since 2015, and getting free travel and VIP treatment all over the world.

We’ve DONE pitching. We’ve DONE comped travel. We’ve DONE passive income. We’ve DONE resorts, restaurants, cruises, theme parks, and more. You name it, we’ve done it — and we want to show you how.

There’s almost nobody else who has as much experience or success as us — and there’s even fewer people who are willing to share that knowledge with you. This truly is an amazing opportunity!

Secondly, think of it this way: the upfront cost of this course is less than two nights at a fancy hotel. One night, in some places.

If you really love travel, it’s a no-brainer: pay full price for your hotels forever… or invest the cost of less than two of those nights ONCE, and get the keys to the travel blogging kingdom.

And finally, I want to remind you of our guarantee:

If you’re not a more confident, savvy travel blogger with a plan in 30 days from now, you can email Pete or me for a full refund of your course fee.

What’s the worst that could happen? You spend a few weeks learning all our best secrets… and you decide it’s not for you, and get your money back.

Yet if it works out… you could have the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?

The choice is yours… but we hope to see you on the inside soon.

Join The 21-Day Travel Blogging Fast Track Today … And Discover How To Start Making A Living Traveling

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